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History of the Eggersmann Group

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The beginning of the economic upswing is the beginning of the Eggersmann group of companies. Thus, the Eggersmann construction company finds its beginning in the great commitment of the company's founder Karl Fechtelkord, who, with a handful of employees, carries out construction work for private, agricultural and commercial building projects in the spirit of his time.


The first invention: The tent over the construction site. Many may have thought it was crazy back then - today it's standard. The Eggersmann construction company has come up with a simple and ingenious idea to make itself largely independent of the weather by covering construction sites with tents to ensure uninterrupted work.


In addition to an increased range of services, the construction company is characterized by another innovation: The word "turnkey" is on everyone's lips after Eggersmann, for the first time, carries out all architectural, planning and implementation tasks itself, from the takeover to the commissioning of construction projects. To this day, this principle is standard throughout the entire Eggersmann Group.


Agricultural production is becoming increasingly important and was modernized in the 1980s. As an experienced construction company, Eggersmann supports customers from the agricultural sector in their construction projects with competence and know-how and is very successful in winning new customers.


With 36 years of experience in the construction engineering industry and another 12 years within the agricultural sector, the company is once again expanding its comittment: Environmental technologies are a new buzzword of this time - actively co-designed by the Marienfeld company Eggersmann. The construction of wastewater treatment plants and the active development of new environmental technology processes mark the important step into a new era, which will be of great significance for the group of companies later on.


The experience gained in environmental technology is now applied under the name of a new, independent company: KOMPOTEC. In cooperation with towns and municipalities, composting plants are set up to produce high-quality humus and soil products from biological waste. The cross-county recycling facilities, collection points and sales points are still known today under the name KOMPOPARK in the entire East Westphalia region. With the foundation of the company KOMPOTEC, Eggersmann has now developed into a group of companies.


The extraction of regenerative energies and the protection of natural resources are the high aspirations of an entire generation, which was taken into account with the founding of the globally active Eggersmann Anlagenbau Concept GmbH in 2007. Eggersmann recycling plants for mechanical and biological waste treatment are now being built worldwide. In addition, biogas is being produced for the first time using dry fermentation. The company BEKON, which was acquired in 2016, will complement this area and expand it even further.


With the founding of PantaTec GmbH in 2010, the Eggersmann Group once again shows its inventive character. In the course of optimization measures within the company's own blasting plant, an additive is developed which removes and binds troublesome oils and greases from metallic surfaces and eliminates them from the process. This means that greasy metal surfaces can be blasted and even coated directly without any problems. In the meantime, the additive and the corresponding dispenser are sold worldwide.

ab 2012

In the following years, the Eggersmann Group constantly optimizes and expands its portfolio. Strong suppliers of mobile and stationary recycling machines such as BACKHUS, BRT HARTNER, Terra Select, TEUTON and FORUS are a beneficial addition. Eggersmann is now in a position to supply nearly all services in the recycling sector from a single source.


Crucial expansion measures are taking place within the construction division starting in 2017: At the Halle (Westphalia) site, BETONT operates one of the largest production plants for precast concrete parts and design elements made of concrete in East Westphalia. The ideal addition to the construction company Fechtelkord & Eggersmann based in Marienfeld.

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Flat hyrarchies, the intensive transfer of knowledge and the provision of broadly diversified competencies are the basis for particularly high-quality achievements. The variety of competences involved in the project characterize the processes of the Eggersmann Group.