We bear a responsibility at Eggersmann.

Our Corporate Philosophy

For people, for the environment and for a sustainable life.

Our planet is full of plastic, it can even be found in the most remote places of the world

All too often, plastic waste is disposed of in nature, in rivers, at sea or it is just burned. Approximately 70 % of the earth’s surface are covered with water. Hundreds of thousands of pieces of plastic swim in every square kilometer of the oceans. Seabirds die an excruciating death due to cell phone parts in their digestive system, turtles mistake plastic bags for jellyfish and fish confuse small pieces of plastic with plankton.

We have made it our business to recycle waste with the highest quality possible.

No matter how hard we try to avoid or reduce waste and reuse packaging – the production of waste increases each year. Global waste production will increase by 70 % (3,4 billion tons) per year until 2050, if no immediate measures are taken. (source: World Bank 2018) With our special machines and plants, we filter as much recyclable and reusable material as possible out of the material stream before waste incineration or landfilling. This significantly reduces landfill masses, which in return reduces CO2 emissions and leads to fewer harmful substances and microplastic ending up in the environment.

Biomass – the valuable resource.

With our biological treatment plants, we produce renewable energies from biomass and thus contribute to saving greenhouse gases and fossil fuels. At the same time, we produce quality fertilizer for farming. Unlike soil-harming mineral fertilizer with high nitrate levels, this natural soil improver provides the soil with valuable humus. We process around 170.000 tons of biomass per year to quality compost / fertilizer and thus contribute to a sustainable, biological food production.

We fight for environmental and climate protection.

As an active co-creator in the recycling sector, we support the global fight for environmental and climate protection on a daily basis – with our plants and special machinery as well as our longstanding experience, profound know-how and passion. We process about 9,3 mil. tons of waste per year in the plants and with the machines built by us. With a layer thickness of 50 cm, this corresponds to a total of no less than 1.800 soccer fields. And there is still a long way to go!

We are aware of our responsibility.

Here at Eggersmann we are aware of the responsibility we have towards future generations and therefore have a sustainable, energetic approach to planning and building. This starts with the use of the right building materials and ends with customized energy concepts based on renewable energies, such as heat pumps, biomass boilers, photovoltaic systems, solar panels and cogeneration plants.

Each colleague can be proud of this achievement.

No matter if in administration, production, warehouse, service or on site – at Eggersmann we join together with the aspiration to make the world a little better.